Monday, June 25, 2007

Need a new computer

My desktop will be turning 5 years old in a few months. Pretty soon, I'll have to send it off to kindergarten. Time flies so fast. It seems just yesterday when it was a shiny, fast, happy machine. Now, it's full to the brim with data, its registry littered with so much left-overs from programs I've already forgotten and it loads so many unidentifiable stuff at start up that you can make breakfast before it can finish the boot process. Not only am I running against the 512 MB of RAM installed, I have a nagging feeling there's something physically defective with it. And of course, with its number of years in service, the hard disk could retire any time soon. It could have a useful life of several months or several years more but it doesn't have a way of letting me know.

So, it needs a replacement soon. What a joyous conundrum it is, choosing and shopping for a new computer! If only it didn't have the prerequisite of having the money to afford one. There's no such thing as spare cash in my situation. The hundreds and thousands are all accounted for and they're answerable to the monthly budget.

Maybe I can just pretend it's still the shiny, fast new computer that it once was! Yes, that's it! Ha ha ha.... Nope, it doesn't work.


Suray - SurayBlog - Suray's Words said...

You should change it with the new one :D You need to improve your hardware to gain more benefit of its :D

Hapless Technoguy said...

It's just a matter of time. I'm just waiting for a little more savings. You'll be sure to hear about it here when I finally make a purchase.

Taz said...

You don't need a new computer. You want one. Big difference =). What do you use it for? I know my plenty old lappy here does most of what I need it for quite fine =).

Hapless Technoguy said...

I think I'm realistic enough. My computer is for both work and personal use. Running all the programs I need for work alone uses up the 512 MB of RAM. I was surprised myself when I saw this in Windows task manager. There are also many things I can't fix unless I reformat the hard disk and that will be too disruptive. So, to make a long story short, I need AND want a new computer.